Handle With Care

On Friday I went into the print studio with some new designs and just wanted to experiment. One slight draw back, all the foils has been used, there was none left, so it looked like I was just printing in back, white and grey.

I had four new designs, one of which had two layers, which looks really cool (modesty at its best), so I was quite eager to get printing.

From there I started to think about what I was going to be making from these designs, instead of just printing for funsies. That’s when I got the idea for a gift bag. One of the new designs would go on the back, I had a previous design that I/G and Irene liked which could go on the front, I just needed to grab my material for the gussets and make some handles, easy right?

Mostly it was easy. I used a A3 acetate sheet, for the structure of my bag, through which my designs could be seen, and they wouldn’t start peeling off the front because I’d planned to affixed them to the inside. Just the handles, the inside template and the actual construction to do.

I went in today in the hopes of making my gift bag handles, I’d brought my white organdie fabric, my hot pink foil and myself, all with the view that today I would have my handles complete, and then I’d make my gift bag when I got in.

I haven’t decided on how I want the foil on my handles yet, whether I want just a continuos foiled handle, or handles with surface patterns on them – I’m leaning towards the latter – so I selected three of my designs to print onto my strips of organdie and a blank screen so I could cover the fourth strip completely in glue.  Looking good!

Now was the time to actually transfer my foil onto the fabric except …

I’d run out of foil. What looked like a roll that still had plenty actually didn’t have enough foil for even one strip, let alone four. So there went my plan for the day, no foil, no overlocking, no pretty handles. Muh.

I did however, make a sample gift bag. I also drew up a template for a little foldable box which I fixed to the back of the front designs on the bag, so that when the bags use is up, it can be transformed into a handy little supply box.

Now my gift bags not perfect, a tad messy but that could just be me being finicky, but I think its a really good attempt; it just doesn’t have any handles yet.

I don’t know what I was imagining in my head, well I was imaging pretty much the bag I made, but there’s just something missing (and I don’t think its just then handles). I like the gift bag, I think the shiny surface of the acetate is really cool and fits in well with my theme, as does the colour scheme I’ve used for the bag and then one colour pop, soon to be two. I think, somewhere in my mind, I still wanted to be able to feel the samples, even though I’d decided to cover them with the acetate to have a clean finish. I love the back of the bag, I think the velum, white ink and the acetate make a really cool combination, but on the front, I feel like the acetate had dulled the foil a bit? I don’t know, I could be insane but I don’t think I’m quite there yet. I think it will however, look better once it has handles!

I also happened to make a little mini version of the gift bag, just incase I need it for my trend board.


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