Straight Outta Cardiff

While I was walking through town earlier, I saw a window which had a painted ‘closing down’ sign on it, only it wasn’t the closing down that interested me, but the paint that had been used on this glass.

The paint that had been used, had tried and cracked into a strange but interesting pattern, sort of grid like definitely, which I suppose s why I found it so interesting to begin with. safe to say I snapped a photo of it.

I was really intrigued by these marks that have seemingly at random, been formed. like the paint had fractured when it had dried. I wanted to recreate this, so I grabbed a acetate sheet and started to paint streaks on it with different pains, but I wasn’t really getting the effect I wanted. So what did I do when faced with a problem I could solve? I asked my dad. Because lets face it, dad’s have all the answers, and he did.

Into the kitchen we went, grabbed the oil out of the cupboard and slathered it over the acetate before painting on it with acrylic, a water based paint. *high-five dad* the paint didn’t stick to all the acetate, where the oil was stopping it, it created some really lovely marks, which I will be taking into print later this week to try out as a surface pattern designs! yay.


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