Designer Research – Shamima Musarrat

I love Shamima’s style. Her designs are urban and edgy; and I especially like that she’s taken inspiration for her patterns from her urban surroundings. Using building structures in a grid pattern. I also like her mix of opaque and translucent lines/colours.

I think it could be an interesting idea to experiment with the opaqueness of different inks, maybe seeing if I could dilute a printing ink enough or even make it so pigmented nothing would be seen through the layer. This ties in really well with the substrates I’ve been using.

I also really like Shamima’s muted colour pallet, it shows a example of how using a contrasting colour can bring a design to life. This appeal to me as I’m using a monotone colour base with bright pops of colour added in for a really exciting effect.

Her mood boards reflect her designs. I feel that I should be adding more of my own work onto my mood boards, making sure they evoke them same spirit and feeling as the designs I’ve been experimenting with.

I definitely agree with Sarah and Irene that my mood boards need to be more professional, and that they need to be edgier and match the atmosphere of my collection.


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