Designer Research – Kelcey Towell

Kelcey Towell

Kelcey Towel is one of the inspiring designer I found thanks to Irene. Her mention of look on Art Thread earlier today was pretty much the most useful website I’ve been told about next to WGSN.

I found Kelcey by accident, even now, and its only been about an hour, I don’t know how I found her, but I do know that thanks to seeing her work and noticing the links that she had on her profile, I was Abel to find other designers that have influenced my mind to think of different approaches to designs.


I found one of Kelcey’s designs to be really interesting. It was a book that has blocks of colour, some font, and then some little drawings on a acetate page between the two. The minimal colour and the use of substrates interested me to look closer, and reaffirmed the idea of layering in my own collection.

I also like that Kelcey is a typographer; she creates her won fonts and designs which I again find really interesting. I’m thinking of how I would go about creating a font for my collection, one that complements my designs but is also different enough to stand out.



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