Professional Practice – Clojo Ruth

Clojo Ruth is a designer whose running a successful, and professional business. Her work is individual, unique and skilfully created, and oh year, she graduated university earlier this year.

Wait, what?

This time last year Clojo was a third year, just like me; in the middle of the consultancy brief, just like me; and she was learning and developing her skill set and her own personal style, just like me.

This women is inspiring. She completed her third year with an amazing collection that was full of technical skills and greatly thought out ideas, and turned her passion for digital stitch into her won buisness.

Sure, setting up your own business sounds easy, but just from listening to her talk about it, you can tell that a lot of work and dedication goes in to creating, and keeping your business afloat. Your designs have to be contemporary, accessible and of great skill and value. You have to promote yourself in the right way, and make sure that you, and your designs are protected.

It was really interesting hearing Clojo’s story, and quite inspiring as well.


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