Wake Me Up Before You Digital-Stitch

Today was another day in the stitch room. I created two samples using free-machine embroidery, but I disliked the second so much I decided that at least for this afternoon, I wanted to experiment with digital stitch instead.

My free-machining on Friday was boss, like it was really great, I looked like I was done digital (not really that much, but it was really good) and then today, I just wasn’t good. My font wasn’t well formed and it was gappy, and it just made my soul hurt really. So instead of carrying on making samples that wouldn’t have as much heart in them, I ran away to the digital stitch room and started to draw out a font that was (almost) perfectly and beautifully formed. I drew out a circle onto the digital stitch programme, and used this to shape the rest of my letters, and oh man did it look good. I was excited, and this was another technique that I could experiment with and compare the effects of.

I wanted to create my samples by hand, using only analogue methods in keeping with the inspiration I have been taking from the 80s, but then I was thinking, digital was around in the 80s, so I could have a mix. I would stay mostly using hand made techniques, but adding a little digital now and again might just give my collection that edge it needs.

Plus I figured that by painstakingly drawing then editing every single letter I drew, I made up for not having hadn’t stitched them as well.

I really loved how my letters stitched out. They were so well formed that I’m actually surprised that I drew them, like damn, as young people would say these days, those letters are ‘on fleek’. But seriously, I’m very proud of how the letters came out, they were all in proportion and, where curved, where almost perfectly circular. I also chose a really bright blue to stitch out my words in, which was actually surprisingly easy to pick out. I didn’t have any trouble with colours today, in fact, the choice for this samples was between a vibrant blue and a hot pink. It seems that the further I get into this project the easier I’m finding it to use colour, so I don’t know if it was just because I wasn’t used to using colours that I found it so difficult to begin with, but at least i’m getting better at it now.


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