Craftivism in Cardiff

On the eve or the Lord’s day the year of twenty sixteen, in the month of All Hallows Eve; whilst upon my carriage back to the manor, I spied something most peculiar …

Ok so it wasn’t a carriage so much as the number 44 bus, and sadly I don’t live in a manner, but I did however see something out the window that got me excitedly shouting ‘CRAFTIVISM’ down the bus. Short of jumping off the bus right then and having to wait an extra 15 minuets before I could go home and reheat my leftover Chinese, there wasn’t much I could do at that moment, but that doesn’t mean I forgot about it. Oh no!

Sunday dawned bright and early, and though I didn’t actually leave the house until about 4pm, it was still bright. Getting off at the stop by the old Roath Library (across from Texaco garage), I started walking up the street so I could come and see the thing that excited me so much, but on the way I got distracted.

What I saw out of that bus window was a cross-stitched sign which had been hung on the fence that surrounded the empty plot by the garage. This is what excited me so much that I was shouting on the bus, craftivism, hung up in Cardiff!

So I’m walking up the street to go see this craftiness and whats hung up on the church bench in front of me? MORE CRAFTIVISM. Ok maybe not super activism, the kind which challenges social and political issues, but there was definitely some cross-stitched veggies in front of me. I carried on over the street to what I thought was a beautiful cross-stitched banner about peace, but what I came to find out about 20 minutes ago when I looked back at the pictures I had taken, was a banner about peas. What I thought said ‘give peace a chance’ actually said ‘give peas a change’. But for that day, the whole 26 hours that I believed that banner was telling people to give peace a chance, I was so excited.

For the whole walk into town after seeing that cross-stitch sample I was so inspired that people in Cardiff has started to use craft as a way to express their ideas/opinions, that I just couldn’t speak. My mind was in overdrive thinking about the different ways to create banners and if I could find the craftivist group that made it.

It doesn’t matter that the sample turned out to be about trying to get people to eat peas – which I don’t understand by the way, I love peas, I don’t see how people don’t like them?! They’re just so fresh and lovely – it still had the effect on me that I’ve been trying to write about craftivism having.


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