You Sew Me Right Round (Like a Needle)

Friday was embroidery day. I’ve spend the last few weeks in the print room, experimenting with designs and fabrics and colours, getting together loads of different samples that I could then take into the sewing room.

My collection is a mix for 80s and modern influences. 80s bright colours mixed with modern monotones. 80s and modern slang/phrases and universal sans serif fonts.

One thing I am taking from the 80s is the use of analogue – hand printing as well as hand/free-machine embroidery. With all my samples at the ready, I made my way to the stitch room to start embroidering onto my many samples.

The materials I’ve been using are see-through or sheer. Acetate, filmwork, organdie and I’ve also mixed this with some high-shine surfaces like photo paper, embossing foil and printing foils.

I made most of my samples in monotone, I added some foils into my prints but mostly they were of greyscale so that when it came to embroidery, I would be able to add bright colours.

With my embroidery I really just wanted to experiment. I had already practised adding some hand embroidery into my samples, so now I was focussing on free-machine embroidery.

I was really happy with how my samples turned out actually. I tried to use colours within my sewing because I was finding it difficult previously to try and add colour into my samples. However I found that I liked it better using coloured thread, than printing with colour. I plan to go back into the sewing room on Monday and further experiment.


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