Here I Go Again – Second life

I’ve been thinking about the different ways in which I can incorporate second life into my stationery collection. It wasn’t an easy thing to think about, and I only just started to properly think about it this week.

Second life; use after being gift wrap. What could I do?

I’ve heard people speaking about badges and pins and key-rings, all really cool ideas, but I want to do something else. And that something else involves paper-folding!

What I’ve been thinking is that on the inside of say a greeting card or a gift bag, even on the inside of wrapping paper, I could print templates which make little boxes. Like storage boxes or gift boxes which can be made after the bag or card has been used.

So I started looking at different ways of folding paper it boxes and complied a few images so I have a clear view of what I’m looking for. I’m also hoping to nab one of my samples maybe this week or next, and see how I can turn that into a little box, for purely practical reasons I promise!


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