Professional practice – 19 October

Todays professional practice was quite interesting. Not that last weeks wasn’t. I actually found last weeks talk really useful and I now know how to use some of the things we were shown;  for example, yesterday on MetSearch I used inter-library loan to, I think, order a book? I’m not quite sure cause they haven’t got back to me but I definitely found the link and filled in the form!

Anyway, this weeks professional practice was all about setting up your own business, which is something I think every artist/designer has thought about; but this talk was about the practical side of being about to afford your own business – the different areas you’ll have to look into and how you need to spread your money. It was also interesting to learn about the hows and whys of pricing your products/time.

I’ll think I will definitely take a closer look at the powerpoint, looking over the finer points of the different aspects that are involved.


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