Karma Collagraph

I did managed to make a plate yesterday. I said I would and I did! hooray.For this plate I combined textures, font and embroidery to see the different effects that they would produce. I like the results that I got, and weirdly enough, I prefer the scrap paper which I used during the print, to the ones printed on the good paper I had sourced! Crazy right, but I think theres something messier about and much more fluid about the accidental prints. 

I experimented with print runs; which basically means that I printed it quite a few times before re-inking. I did however label what order they were printed out in so I would be able to know how many times the plate need to be printed for whichever effect I preferred. But as I said, I actually like the mistake prints better, which doesn’t bode well for recreating them. I love the effects that the collagraph prints create, being able to see the actual texture of whatever it is you use, so much so that you think you’d be able to feel it, but I’m not sure how well collagraph would work on the materials I’ve been using, like fabric and acetate? I think thats something I’ll have to look into if the IG guys seem keen on that technique. Friday however, God willing I my foils actually get delivered tomorrow and not tossed back into the post van!, I will be focusing on printed more samples in the morning so that I have a greater range of surfaces an colour ways that I can embroider into in the afternoon. 


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