Just Another Dissertation Tuesday

I feel that the writing of my dissertation has been going really well lately. After my amazing discovery of the Web and Web 2.0, I’ve been trying to tackle the other areas of interest that I will be exploring within my dissertation.

Since my dissertation meeting last week where I was given some really great advice, namely looking into the downside of craftivism – how it doesn’t tackle the problem of actually making things, and how its actually contributing to one of the things it wants to stop, consumerism. I also need to complete an introduction, start reading more into the issues of Poverty and how craftivism is tackling/approaching these issue, as well as reading about gender perception in craft.

I tackled a lot of that in these last two weeks, I managed to get past the mental block I’ve had for the last like month, and actually get my mind around reading and forming cohesive sentences! One thing I do need to be aware of, as evidenced by today, is that I need to write my dissertation as if I were giving it to a stranger; someone who knows nothing about craftivism, and to write in more detail – not to assume that whoever is going to be reading this will know what I’m on about when I’m not being specific enough.

So I don’t have to do any major changes, just adding in more detail and looking at things from an outsiders perspective.

I feel like if I say exactly what I’m going to be writing about in my introduction that I’m just going to be repeating myself over and over, but I’m not. Well in a sense I will be but whoever reads my introduction will be able to know what specifically I’m going to be writing about, but not yet knowing all I have to say on the subject.

I also used the inter-library loan part of MetSearch for the first time. It was much easier than I expected, which is silly because I didn’t even know what to expect!


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