Drawing Inspirations

Drawing Inspirations

Sat, 17. September 2016 – Sun, 6. November 2016

After being told about a drawing exhibition that was currently on in Craft in the Bay, I went down there to get some fresh inspiration, and to see what other styles of drawings are being explored by artists today.

What I found was a lot of mark making. I always forget about mark making, which annoys me, because some of the most beautiful images/drawings can come from marks.

There was one artists there that really experimented with marks, using them in his ceramics, which were gorgeous. Their work book was laid out along with some mark-making samples which were just beautiful. They were limited in colour, using only black and washed out grey which really helped bring attention to the marks that were being made.

From looking at these samples, it has inspired me to thing about mark making. Different tools and methods, looking back into my own samples to see what marks I could pull out of them to turn into new designs.

Im planning to have quite a few surface patterns that were made from looking and experimenting with marks.


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