Walk like a teen

I’ve decided that my target market is kidults/teenagers, and as much as I would love to pretend I’m not getting older, I am. I’m not longer a teenager, (thank the Lord), so that makes it just slightly more difficult for me when creating for my target client. Getting in the mind of a teenager, its a scary thought I know, but in order to really designs something that reaches out to this particular age range, I need to find out who they are, and what they’re like.

My first stop is to WGSN, the Worth Global Style Network where they have masses of information just for the taking. What I’m learning from WGSN is that teenager today are very aware of style, streetwear in particular, and the effects that social media can have on building their online presence. They know how best to brand drop, to make themselves desired for their influential opinions on brands such as Nike, Nasir Mazhar and Hood By Air.

All of these brands have a very strict aesthetic; quite sporty in nature, yet they have that air of rebelliousness. They use limited colours, with bold fonts and blocks of colour.

This fits in really well with the theme that I have chosen, I feel like I need to bolder, have stronger designs that really stand out, and the best way achieve this I think would be to continue looking into teens, and also into the companies that they are supporting, because this is obviously the style they’re after.


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