Don’t Stop Drawin’

Last night, after a competitive round of Snapchats *uh hum, thanks Paige*, I was motivated to start looking into repeating patterns. I’ve felt that this project has zoomed by me, but what I needed to do was to stop and remember that this is only the third week and I still have plenty of time to experiment and work through my ideas.

I created a design using collage because I really like the effect of building laters. On some of my previous samples I’ve mixed fabrics and stitch and then mounted them. I think I’m looking for ways in which layers can be incorporated in my designs. I also really like the idea of sort of D-I-Y, like messy hand stitching and then also quick ways to create type, e.g using newspaper cuttings.

I used this design to create a repeating pattern – which repeat from all four sides of the design. Let me tell you, it took a lot of working and shifting things around to finally get a tile that would repeat exactly. I’ve yet to actually hand print this designs out, which I will be doing on Friday; using screen printing.

Today for me was sort of a way to slow down, to come back from that feeling that I need to be racing ahead and to actually just take time to gather ideas and just draw. I created my moodboards which actually had the effect of calming and focusing my mind after it having been frantic for the past few days, and then moved on to actually finding ideas from these images.

On my mood board it shows that I have been thinking about mesh fabrics and structures so I started looking into this in more depth. I found some images and stuck them into my sketchbook so I could easily look at these images while I was drawing. I’m not going to lie, drawing while watching bake off was reeaaallly relaxing, so by the end of it, I was really enjoying drawing and experimenting. I came up with three quick grid designs that had been inspired by mesh which I plan to take into the studio and print.  I also started working on some hand drawn fonts to print with. – I was really struggling with trying to draw type, because I was thinking that I needed to draw my type into the actual design layout that I wanted to print; instead of realising that I can draw them out however is easiest and then using photoshop to distort, or rearrange, them afterwards.

I plan to carry on drawing tomorrow, in time to take into the studio on Friday.


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