Come and Get your Type


I want most of my designs to have type in them. When thinking about what I’m good at, and using this to fuel my collection, I came back to typography. I love drawing and creating type and I’m also good at it, so I really want to use this technique within my work.

That being said I thought it would be good to try out a few of the different tools that I have, and see the different typefaces effects that come from them. I outlined what they are and what identifies them, and then started to think about which ones would be best fitting to my client. I feel that the brush pen and collage effects are closer to what I’m aiming for, sort of messy/edgy, not perfect and slightly rough around the edges. I’m also looking into the ideas of the change between analogue and digital, and the glitches and distorted screen effects that were around at that time. I’m planning to spend some extra time hand drawing out fonts and then digitally manipulating them to create some interesting edgy designs.


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