I fooled and around a felt inspired.

Another day in the print studio means another day experimenting. With my handy acetate in tow, I began my day by coating and exposing my screen before getting to the good stuff.

In my arsenal I had cloudy acetate, clear acetate and black acrylic; printing inks, glue and foils. impressive huh?

First things first, I started printing my background block colours onto my different surfaces, then moved onto the the parts that I wanted to foil. Checking with Steve first because I didn’t want to accidentally burn down the building, I started to foil onto my different types of acetate. Its safe to say that a 170 degree heat press is not the best place to put plastic sheeting. Don’t get me wrong, the foiling worked and I was really impressed with the results, but there was a downside, the plastic became too hot and was then too malleable. By the time the plastic had cooled down, it wasn’t flat anymore which  kind of distorted the effect that I was after. Never the less, I continued on with my samples, and printed the top layers, onto my other substrates as well as the bumpy plastic. The result wasn’t exactly what I wanted but once I had cut my samples down, I found that I still quite liked how they looked.


Another sample that I wanted to test was foiling onto acrylic. The acrylic I was using was a few millimetres thick so I thought it might stand a better chance in the heat press, which it did. The plastic was only slight curved from the heat, but the result was total shine fest! Super shiny black acrylic tipped with really shiny silver foil. IN. LOVE.

I was really impressed with my samples, and considering plastic was a material that was pretty much everywhere in the 80s, I really feel like my choice of materials complements my theme.  From here I had a little chat with Steve about how I might be able to get foil onto plastic without melting it and he suggesting that I try printing onto a really fine silk and then spray mounting it onto a background of my choosing, thus I would have the see through effect but none of the bumpy plastic. I was excited to try out this idea, although not with silk (my pesky vegetarianism forbids it), so me and Steven went exploring for some lovely sheer synthetic fabrics.  I came back with a really nice black sheer organza, I believe, and promptly started to foil onto the fabric. It wasn’t until today however, that I started to the hand embroider into the sample.

I saw an image while I was looking through the Digital Wave trend on WGSN that had some really badass hand embroidery, like Do-It-Yourself Punk style. I really liked the effect and it must have been really interesting for me to remember it still a week later. So I started to embroider into one of my fabric samples and I have to say, I love the result. It really brings an added dimension to the print and makes is much more punk 80s than power 80s. I know that IG are looking for texture and I was not worried as much, but really aware of this because I think of myself much more as a printer; but I think that by using these layers and fabrics, as well as the embroidery, I’m coming closer into what they’re wanting, which is really heartening.


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