IG Design Group and the Digital Waves

Today was exciting. Well it was daunting and ‘oh my goodness!’ scary but then it got super exciting. The day started with a large coffee, and a trip up into a part of Wales I can’t pronounce, or spell for that matter, to meet with the super-cool people at IG Design Group.This term we’re working with a huge stationery company (IG Design Group) to create new greetings and gift wrap ideas. For the next 11 weeks we’ll be tackling drawings and moodboards, experimentation and more experimenting, as well as critique and creation, with the end result of developing either an 8 line card extension or a collection of grift wrap/gift bags collection. 

So, in Wales somewhere, in the IG building – a tour of their studios, lots of photos and quite a lot of questions later and my day when from ‘dear Lord what am I going to do?’ Into ‘Oh my gosh can I start now?!’. I went from not having a clue what I was going to design to having a confident idea of where I want to take my designing and experimenting. 

Stick with two things; passions and strengths!

Passion – typography, hand printing. 

Strengths – typography, printing and sophisticated design, marking making and drawing( I didn’t come up with those last three, I was told it! How cool)

So with these floating around in my head, I came back to a trend that I had researched a few weeks ago, Digital Wave from WGSN. 

Digital Wave is all about 1980s graphics, colours, fonts and textures. Think analogue (which is where the hand printing comes in!) mixed with bold sans serif fonts (hello typography!) and a range of dark colours – black plum, dark blue and industrial grey- mixed with 80s bright block colours – hot pink, cool blue and vibrant oranges – (hopefully sophisticated). Add in some cool mesh textures, ink textures from hand printing, slick metallics and glitchy digital effects or interference which sound much cooler, and we have the starting points of my collection. 

I’m actually really looking forward to experimenting with all this potential; and I’m really exciting to be creating designs that will hopefully be completely based around typographic design! Not to mention hand printing.


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