Tom Smith and Giftmakers Excellent Adventure

For this collection, IG have asked that our collection be design from one of two brands; Tom Smith or Giftmaker Collection. Tom smith is a luxury brand who cherishes tradition, whereas Giftmaker Collection is a more high street brand that is sold worldwide, as such it is much more accessible to everyday people. With my theme and the general direction in which I want to take my collection, I have decided that my collection will be targeted at ‘kidults’ which can generally cover anyone between 12 – 25 years old. It can target children wanting to feel older as well as adult who feel younger. ’kidult’ is the broad term used for that in-between age where no one really know how old you are. With this in mind, I think that the brand that I should be designing for is Giftmaker Collection, which as I said, is a much more high street and accessible brand.


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