Am I a printer or a stitcher?

The first thing I need to do before starting this module is decide whether I am a printer or a stitcher, which is a particularly easy thing for me to decided. I’m a printer. I have always been drawn to the different styles of printing, mainly hand printing techniques such as etching and linocut; I adore detailed and rustic look of handprinted pieces, as well as the small inflections that make the print so much more than just the face design. 
I love the processes involved in printing, not just the end results. I love the time I takes to create a designs and then either cut it out of wood/lino, or the coasting and exposing process of preparing a screen. Every part of the printing process makes the end result that much more worthwhile.

That being said, I would say that I am a PRINTER/STITCHER. I love printing but I wouldn’t want to limit myself to just these techniques. I really feel that hand- and machine-embroidery can bring a lot into a printed work, adding a layer of texture and just something different which can help to highlight the printed work.


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