London Design Week

On Thursday 17th March, we all went on a visit to Chelsea to see London Design Week in the person. Three floors full of different companies that were displaying the designs that they had created for the upcoming season. It was really inspiring to see the colours that were surrounding us, and how they had combined colours to create really effective colour schemes.IMG_2172

We were able to look through the different fabrics and wallpapers and to see how each different company had arranged their designs in displays, to see the collections and the coordinating designs, it was all very exciting. On the top floor however, seeming hidden away, was my favourite area, the tiles!

There were two or three different tile shops which were stunning in themselves, but they also happened to have mineral tiles in their displays! It’s safe to say I got over exiting and was contemplating on how I would be able to smuggle them away under my top.


Sadly I wasn’t able to order samples of the tiles which would have been a really lovely addition to my end of year display, though I did manage to snap a few photos that I can stare at longingly for the time being. Once I had thoroughly scoured the whole designs show, I went to the V&A museum, via one of the curtsey cars outside the design show (never have I felt so posh in my life, not to mention there was two designers in the car with me at the time!), to have a look at inspiring displays there too before being picked up an shipped back home, sans tiles.



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