Craft + Activism

Last week was my tutorial with Ashley, She was able to help me see the parts of my Dissertation that need further research and elaboration; added facts about the resurgence of craft, where it has been and a resurge in relation to what? how much has it risen and from when? all these are question that I need to find the answers to so as to give my dissertation a much more analytical stance. I also need to dig further into my idea of social justice and what this has to do with the question of my dissertation and my research.

from my meeting I have also though about adding more ‘ordinary’ acts of craftivism. at the moment I am looking at leaders of craftivist groups and I thought it might be a good contrast to see the craftivist work of ‘ordinary people’.  I’m interested in seeing how normal people have been implementing craftivism.

I now have a plan to focus on gathering facts, and if I can’t find facts, then making educated suggestions based on related evidence to support my dissertation question.

At the moment I have a basic outline and some research that is helping the direction of my dissertation. I’m really happy with the topic/subject that I have chosen, I find it really interesting and it has a depth of knowledge that I cant wait to dig into.


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