Marble Me This

Another Tuesday, and another day in which my designs have been influenced and changed; for the better. Today I had a tutorial with Keireine. During this tutorial I was able to really think on what aspects of my experiments I liked the best, and from what Keireine said, I needed to tweak my designs so that they had more soul in them.

It’s all well and good creating loads of designs but if they don’t speak of me and my style then they’re not really relevant are they?

So what I really loved about these croquis samples was the focus on the form of the minerals, and the marbling effect. I think that these two element together create a better sense of the overall mineral than they do apart.

I was given ideas on how I could further develop my existing designs, and I plan to do just that. On my hand printed designs I agree that the blunt line down the middle needs to be softened and I plan to do this by machine embroidering the dendrite pattern on top of the printed designs. I think that it will close the gap with the embroidery and I will be able to see how this effects that outlook of the design.

Again I agree that the samples that have manipulated edging where too plain and generic. Somehow I need to find a way to incorporate a sense of the minerals I’m working from, and a sense of myself into the designs. I plan to experiment with adding more threads and different textures into the cording samples, as suggested by Keireine, to see if they better emulates the inner structures of my minerals.

As for my digitally transformed fabric manipulation, I’m really pleased with how they look, and was glad to see that when Keireine saw them, she reached out to touch the manipulation only to find it was a flat design. This is exactly the reaction I was looking for, that illusion of manipulation mistaken for the real thing. I really loved working with hand-crafted manipulation and then digitally transforming tem, and the effect that they have afterwards. I plan to experiment with this further with both these techniques.

From here I set to work on incorporating the effect of marbling into my croquis designs. I was able to keep the graphic nature of my motif, and mix them with the free-flowing effects of marbling.

I used different coloured inks, along with different ways of dropping and mixing the inks into water to elicit different results. The black ink was by far the most prominent ink, floating on the top of the water whereas the other coloured inks dropped to the bottom of the dish. This effected the way in which I experimented because I was conscious that the black wielded the best results, therefor it was in the fore of most all my experiments.

Once the samples where dry, I scanned them into the computer, and started to manipulate them in Photoshop, where I was able to change the scale and colour to better suit the production of my designs. I took the layout from my original designs and mixed them with the marbling samples I has created. The mineral structures are still the prominent feature within these designs, but instead of looking like flat designs, I believe that the marbling effects gives them much more life and texture, making them more interested and better suited to my client.



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