Design Development

Further from Tuesday where I develop my designs from two separated co-ordinates into one co-ordinate collection, I was starting to worry that I wouldn’t actually have enough designs to present in two weeks when we have our formative assessment.

I didn’t realise I had so little time left before my designs actually have to be present which was quite a shock. This made me have to snap out of my little bubble and start to focus more on the parts of my collection that I really don’t have much of a clue about, namely the fabric manipulation. I’ve created a few samples of hand manipulated pieces that I was pleased with but this wasn’t enough development for me to say, yes these are definitely the designs I wanted.

I started searching images of fabric manipulation and found a few which I am pretty sure are just unconventional uses of a pin tuck foot. From here I went on to try and create my own mini sample just for a feel of what it would look like, let me tell you, it’s not easy to pin tuck without a pin tuck foot, things become slightly difficult. Moving on from here after a few problematic tucks, I moved on to experiment with cording, which I quite liked. Both of these mini samples have motivated me to spend my next workshop day in the stitch room creating samples that I will be able to present. If these go well I might even swing for a hand stitched manipulation as well.


With a plan set out for creating samples next week, I moved onto trimming and mounted the samples I do have. Having never mounted more than one sample in a header, this was quite tricky. It didn’t help that I wanted to make these samples more professional than my previous so I decided to stitch the header onto my samples which make them look super amazing! But be warned, it trickier than it looks, the fabric likes to move, a lot…

While labelling these mounted samples, I hand to refer back to the original collection plan that I created, and have seen how I have developed from there. My Colour Spirit collection now hold two separate 3 piece coordinating designs, from a table runner, napkin and placement; Edge Spirit is the same, with my coordinated dendrite napkin and table runner set, hand printed and digital stitched, though I’ve yet to stitch the table runner sample; Formation Spirit is a napkin and coaster set, the napkins coming in four different colours ways which have been changed to show grater variation; and lastly my Ridge Spirit set, which is two (or maybe three) fabric manipulated table cloths.

Overall my plan hasn’t changed too much, just even that I know that I’ve developed from these original ideas, but not enough so that I’ve strayed from my collection plan.


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