The first week back in university is over and it’s been very productive. On Tuesday we went through a few activities based on colour theory which really was quite interesting. I’ve already done colour theory before but it’s always good to revisit these tasks because they are an essential designer tool. I learnt about discord colours this time around, which I had never touched upon before. This is when the natural order of the colour wheel is reversed; dark colours have white added to them (violet becoming lilac), and light colours have black added (yellow becomes khaki).

On Tuesday we also had individual tutorials, which were again helpful. Sally and I went through the work that I had already completed and I told her about my ideas for my designs and my overall collection, she was pleased with my progress and was able to lend me a book on fabric manipulation which will really help me with the next steps in the creating process.

One part of my collection is based on the design of dendrites. I took these tree-like fissures and arranged them into repeating patterns that could then be printed onto napkins and table runners. I created my designs before I went into the print room on Thursday, and while I was happy with how my design looked, I couldn’t help but think that some parts of it might be too small to work with the screen printing process.

I wanted to try this technique because I want to have one aspect of my collection hand printed. I had created my design on Photoshop so if it didn’t work as a hand-printed design, I would be able to have it digitally printed along with my other digital designs.

I was so pleased when the screen came out and all the small detail was visible. I was then excited to print so it could see the results. it’s safe to say that I don’t have to digitally print these designs,. I wasn’t able to print in the different colours of my collection, along with using puff to add some texture and foil (which didn’t come out too wee). I now have the added technique of hand-printing in my collection, which was a really important part.

With these dendrite patterns, I plan to also have these digitally stitched. I spoke to Maggie during the week to see if this was possible and she said that we would be able to do it, so again, another part of my collection has come together how it should be.




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