Crafty Activism

I’ve really enjoyed reading about Craftivism this past week.

Craftivism: the art of craft and activism by Betsy Greer is ridiculously interesting. Filled with individual essays, each person has something different to bring to the concept of craftivism. I’ve also enjoyed reading a little book of Craftivism by Sarah Corbett, along with Street Craft by Riikka Kuittinen; which both have the backstory of how Sarah Corbett became an activist, and some of the projects that she has worked on previously.

All three of these books have been able to help me refine the direction of my dissertation proposal, and I have been able to flesh out my information by taking snippets from the other books as well. I’m finding it quite difficult to find what I want on summon, I don’t know if I’m not being specific enough or if I’m being too specific and there isn’t anything helpful about my particular search, but its proving quite annoying,

Having read the proposal form that needs filling in for this terms Constellation, I know what I need to research in order to help me with the actual writing of my dissertation. The overview and bibliography were relatively easy to fill out but I’m, not quite sure how I am supposed to fill out the background reading. So far I have been writing this section as separate essays which is again, really helping to determine the path of my dissertation.


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