Books and Brainwaves

Having already pieced together a new initial idea for my dissertation, I carried on with researching and looking for more books that will help me in the effort. But before I started to pull out every book that sound like it hold something remotely related to my idea, I set about writing an overview or abstract, of my dissertation.


I outlined that I plan to explore the effect that Craftivism has had on Social Justice throughout the 20th Century, concentrating on the main associates of the craftivist movement from around the modern world. I plan to include groups/individuals such as Sarah Corbett, the founder of the British craftivist group Craftivist Collective; Betsy Greer, who coined the phrase in 2003; the Canadian Revolutionary Knitting Group, founded by Grant Neufeld in 2000 and maybe some historical figures as well, such as Louisa Pesel or Mahatma Ghandi. I want to evaluate how they have used craft as a political statement to achieve Social Justice; my overall argument will be to critically evaluate these crafty protests in terms of how successful they have been at implementing the change they are fighting for.

With this in mind I started to search ‘Craftivism’ on summon and saw that there were a few articles as well as a good handful of books that might be really useful. I also looked through the Craftivist Collective website (I may have ordered A Little Book on Craftivism by Sarah Corbett) , and also went to the website that was created by Betsy Greer, which proved quite interesting as her blog is also linked to the website, so I was able to read quite a bit about historical acts of craftivism.

It’s safe to say that I have spent the day reading through the books that I had gathered from the library, some have quite a bit of useful information and some have just excellent one liners that will all aid in the effort of writing my dissertation.



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