Gone But Not Forgotten (Reflective Statement) – Sacha Pierre


Over the past four weeks I have been working with Sacha Pierre, a Home Textile Design Company, who has just started to develop their next collection. With the success of their first still hanging in the air, their next collection is full of excitement and fresh ideas which I got to be a part of.

At the beginning of my fours week I was quite nervous to be going into an established company, though this was unnecessary considering how accommodating the team at Sacha Pierre have been.

I came into the office at a great time, with the start of their new collection having just begun. I have been able to help develop the imagery within this new collection by completed many paintings that were either asked of me or that I thought would work well within the collection.

I was given the opportunity to learn about the style of Sacha Pierre and their influences for the next collection by creating their mood-boards; this helped me a lot in trying to understand the style and effect that they were reaching for in their next collection.

There were a few days when I was unhappy in what I was creating or designing, but having experienced this in my last work placement I was well equipped to stop what I was doing, save it and move onto something else. This enabled me to free myself of that certain piece of work, with the possibility of coming back to it or learning that that was the wrong direction, for which I am better off for having discovered.

I was still not as confident in my own work as I should be, I caught myself a few times waiting, before showing what I had creating, not yet ready to hear what they thought. In this aspect I have disappointed myself, I should have been confident or strong enough to say, this is what I have created, let me know how to improve. It’s better than I can learn to do this so that what I am creating doesn’t suffer from not having this critique experience.

As with my last placement I have really enjoyed creating designs. At first I found it a bit shocking when I was told to just play around, but I soon got over it and started to do indeed that. I was able to use my own motifs as well as the teams to create some really interesting designs that I think I linked well with the overall feel of the Sacha Pierre Company and how they represent themselves.

I was asked during the placement whether I was excited that my drawings could potentially end up being printed in the collection; this is when I had to spot myself from squealing with excitement. I am so beyond thrilled at the thought, and how this would look in my portfolio. Again I had the experience of being a designer, and this was brought home to me when I showed the team what I designer and they had liked it. That was a really good day for me, and such a confidence booster.

So my last week with Sacha Pierre came and went but I can honestly tell you that I am so happy for having completed this work placement. I have learnt not only new tools and tricks that will help with my career within textiles but I have learnt about myself also.

Before this placement I was loath to do any sort of drawing or painting. I hated how previously, any attempt at these two techniques has always been rushed and stressful, with myself thinking that I don’t actually have the ability to pull it off, but since being with Sacha Pierre, I’ve learn otherwise. I still don’t like feeling rushed to finish a painting but I no longer think that I can’t do it or that I don’t have the skill, because the work that I have done for Sacha Pierre proves otherwise.

I’m quite sad to be leaving, having spend the first month of the new collection helping out and helping to develop, I’m quite disappointed that I won’t be there to see how the rest of the collection pans out.

I have been invited back and I going to see if I can join them over the Easter break as well as during the summer. I have also been invited on the next photo shoot, which will be for the next collection, where I get to spend some time away learning about yet another different aspect of being a designer.



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