17061501From the initial dissertation planning form to now, I have been trying to refine my idea so that I have a topic that I will be able to write about at length. My starting point was to look at the subversive role that fabric and crafts have played throughout modern women’s history. I found this idea to be interesting but I wasn’t finding it as exciting as I expected a dissertation subject to be.

Having already read The Subversive Stitch, I was interested in the insubordinate role that textiles has played through history. It was during my meeting with Ashley that I found out about Craftivism. This sparked my interest, and so the journey developed.

After the preliminary google search of the subject I found Sarah Corbett of the Craftivist Collective, and was really inspired by her definition of Craftivism; ‘a true craftivist uses craft as a tool for gentle activism aimed at influencing long-term change’. It’s this idea of Craftivism that really interesting me. The different branches of Craftivism that have cropped up all around the world, and how each face social justices in different ways.

From here I went on to read Craftivism: the art of Craft and Activism by Betsy Greer. I’m very interested in how these two people have used craftivism to implement social change, and so my dissertation idea started to change. I then went on to look at Craftivism in different countried and found an article posted on the Concordia Undergraduate Journal of Art History entitled ‘Feminism and the art of “Craftivism”: knitting for social change under the principles of the arts and crafts movement’ which introduced me to Canadian Craftivist groups.

All of these different paths of craftivism and what I have read have gone on to influence my ideas for my dissertation. I would love to look into the main individual people, like Betsy Greer and Sarah Corbett, who use Craftivism for social justice and to find out which has been most successful, and why.


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