Running to Stand Still – Sacha Pierre

Today was the second day of my last week with Sacha Pierre. Or was it?

Ok it was in terms of my work experience but thankfully they’ve invited me back so that I can learn and experience even more interesting things. For their current collection, Sacha Pierre had a photoshoot in which they showcased their products to use for promotional purposes and to feature in their catalogue. They plan to do the same for the next collection; which I have been invited along to when the date is set. They need extra hands I would love the opportunity to be involved in something so importing within the design business. More than just designing, I will be able to learn the importance of how to set up and display designs which is almost, if not equally important.

This experience has been so very different from my last, I suppose it highlights the differences between freelance work and working for a company. I’m quite taken with the idea of working for a company, being in an environment with many creative people, having an important role within, and being able to share in all the different ideas and process that arise. While I imagine that both freelance and corporate work can be as hard as each other; being both restrictive and freeing, I prefer the structure of an organisation.

When I come to actually work within a textile company I may find that I was mistaken in impression, but from what I have seen and experienced within Sacha Pierre, I think that it is the way forward for me.

I have enjoyed my time with Sacha Pierre. I like that they day has been broken up into different sections, that I’m not spending all my time on a computer but that I have the ability to draw and paint as well as given the to research. I have been able to work at my own pace, with instruction from Fannie and Isie, which has also included critique, which is always a good thing to experience. I’m really pleased that the work that I have created, has been accepted by both members of the team, and will be helpful in the creation of their next collection.

Given the amount of time that I have spent with Sacha Pierre, which simulations feels like quite a long and a very short time, I have been given the freedom to come to understand their wants for their next collection. From this understanding I have been able to research accordingly, therefore enabling me to create drawings, paintings and designs that I hope, fill be very helpful to Sacha Pierre in the future.



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