December, 1963

Oh what a week.

Can you hear that noise? That little pounding in your ear? It’s the sound of the creative beat. It’s been playing all throughout my week, helping me to draw, paint and to develop patterns.

I started the week by completed more paintings for the team in Sacha Pierre, motifs for their upcoming collection and for a side project therein. I was free to drawn, paint and manipulate. And when I couldn’t think of how to do more within the side project, I returned my attention to the upcoming collection and the myriad of drawings and research that we had gathered for that.

The pattern that I has been making last week wasn’t working for me. I wasn’t getting a Sacha Pierre vibe from it, I wasn’t feeling it. So taking two different motifs, I started to work on a collection of designs similar to one that had already been created by Sacha Pierre, but different enough so that it was completely separate. I suppose a sort of ‘moving on’ collection that still keeps to the same framework as the last.

When I showed the team my initial design they really liked it, which thrilled me. I was really chuffed (and still am) at having these two established designers liking my pattern. From here, and taking my chuffed buzz with me, I started to make cushion designs that would complement my first pattern, then from there, I was lead on to creating a further design using just one motif. I was really inspired this week, as you can tell from my designs snowballing from the one before and so on.

I took this inspiration home with me, to my own ‘Mineral Spirit’ collection. I drew minerals, painted them and scanned them into my computer before manipulating and turning into a repeating pattern. I used information that I got of Fannie about all the different possible layouts for repeating patterns and tried them all before finding one I really liked. From here I plan to change this design so that it is four different colourways, exciting huh?

Throughout the week I was set a few tasks by the Sacha Pierre team, which was a pleasant side path along with the designing, the first was of course to create my motifs, but the second was really interesting and a bit frightening at the same time. Isie asked me to look over all the little blurbs that had been written about the company so far, and to condense it into one or two paragraphs so as to go onto their new catalogue design. I’m not naive enough to think that what I wrote was perfect and that Isie would keep it exactly the same, but I was again so thrilled to be this involved in their collection, that I really don’t mind.

One thing that I touched upon last year was creating a CAD visual, which I created a few really rudimentary version of; but today I was able to create more, again chuffed, thrilled, over the moon; you name it, I was it. Using a CAD visual that Fannie had already used before, I was able to change a few of the layers so that they featured my designs instead and ‘hey presto’ there were my designs, on bedding, on a bed, looking ridiculously exciting. (it’s been a really exciting week for me). I plan to take this re-established knowledge home with me so that I can use the designs of my collection with CAD visuals.


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