500 Miles – Sacha Pierre

When I wake up, yeah you know I’m gona’ be, I’m going be the girl in Sacha Pierre.

It’s the halfway point already and what a great two weeks it’s been. As I’ve said previously, this work placement has been markedly different from my last. While with Richard I thought it was learning quite a bit about Photoshop and the designing process but, boy oh boy! I’ve learned so much more in Sacha Pierre that I’ve needed to start writing them down so as to remember it all.

When working with Richard, the atmosphere was much more relaxed, with the air of completing tasks at a leisurely pace; in Sacha Pierre however there are many deadlines and tasks that need to be completed, both for their current and next collection.

cleaned foliage

I feel that if I had known all these little Photoshop tricks and traits that I have picked up with Sacha Pierre, I would have been more of a service to Richard. My skill level would have been higher and as such I would have been able to create better work. This just proves to me the importance of having a skill like Photoshop, and as such I shall endeavoured to keep up with it.

With Sacha Pierre I am able to create my own motifs and designs, while still working to their theme, but I find that here, I have less restriction on what I can create than when I was with Richard. Also, I find that I don’t mind working digitally as much, because I have been able to take breaks, and concentrate on drawing or painting which I think helps to refresh my mind for when I go back to working with Photoshop.

While at Sacha Pierre I’ve had a lot of time to spend drawing and painting, and as such I have been able to learn the circumstances in which I can create work that I know I’m capable of. When in university I usually feel quite rushed to have my drawing/painting done by the end of the lesson or day which has not been productive for my drawings skills. Whereas at Sacha Pierre, I’ve been given the freedom of spreading a painting out over the course of a few hours, days or a week if I so wish. With the assistance of both Isie and Fannie I have learnt a lot of new tools and shortcuts to use within Photoshop. They have enabled me to scan in images into the computer, how to clean these images and then how to change them into layers of colours that still resemble the original painting but where the colours can be changed and can be made into patterns.

grey flowers

I have enjoyed paintings thoroughly. Being able to turn my motifs into digital renditions had been really exciting to learn and really beneficial to my practise. I have been able to create artwork that pertains to the theme that Sacha Pierre is working from for their new collection, what I found least enjoyable so far during this placement was being given free rein to start creating patterns. Even though I have been creating artwork, this is a long stretch away from creating a pattern that adheres to their theme. Again I feel this problem of design on a collection or project that isn’t mine and so I think and approach it differently from how the team will.

I want to be able to watch Fannie and Isie during this creative process, at least for a short while, so that I can see how they think, which motifs they join together and how they create a rolling repeating pattern that can be printed on a rotary printing, because these small issues are weighing on me because I feel so green in realisation to their business. I think that during the coming week I will be able to watch more the working of both Fannie and Isie and gain a greater understand of how they would approach pattern creating. I think that this will be very beneficial to me as a design myself, but I feel that I still need to gain more confidence in my own abilities.


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