Do the Fan Dance – Sacha Pierre

Monday was a hectic day in the office; the manager and seller of Sacha Pierre were both in so that the whole team could go over the details of their current collection. It was very interested to hear about this side of textiles that never gets mentioned within an educational setting. The amount of work that goes in to making sure that the printed samples are the correct colour, the barcodes for each item are generated, the packaging is perfect and promotes the product to the best advantage and having all of this completed by a specified date. 

  While all of this was going on I was able to concentrate on creating more paintings for the new collection. I received a handy tip from Isie; to paint my image or flower or whatever, in different perspectives, so that when it comes to designing patterns, I have a choice that will make the design look let flat and more well-rounded. In keeping with the current theme and colour scheme Sacha Pierre are working from, I chose to paint images that had already been chosen by the team, or else they expressed interest in. I chose a few that I myself might work really well and the team seem to like those too.Once the paintings were completed, which took me over into this morning, they were then scanned into the computer like the rest had been, and then I spent the afternoon cleaning up the paintings in Photoshop. After I had cleaned them up, Fannie showed me how to change the painting, into a digital version that was made up of two or three of the colours that were currently being used in the Sacha Pierre collection.

Have your painting fully visible within the Photoshop document, from here use the select colour range option and start by selecting the darkest colour range. From here selected a colours from your colour scheme, then created a new layer. With the selected area now outlines on the new layer, fill the area with your chosen colour and deselect. Repeating the method three or four times for the one motif I was changing, I experimented with using different colour combination. Once happy with the colours, I then locked the necessary layer so that the new motif stayed together when moved or copied.

Fannie then suggested that I should try creating a pattern from this motif, which I’m not going to lie, scared and stressed me out at the same time. I didn’t feel like I would be able to come up with a good design and I was quite aware that I am a second year textiles student t while the other two women in the room had already crated a successful collection.

I found this little task to be quite challenging; I think I was putting too much stress into the task when I should have been thrilled with the unending options laid out in front of me. After a few minutes starting at the screen, moving one motif, then repeating; I went back to find the motif in a different colour way and combined the two onto one pattern. I warped one to the colours and but accident, came across a little design that I thought might look good mirrored, so that’s what I did and I came out with a little pattern that I tough was quite cool considering the big fuss I was making about trying to accomplish it.

It was really exciting for me to see my painting turned into a motif that was compared of the Sacha Pierre’s colours, and the thought that one of my paintings could actually make its way onto one of their products if a concept so thrilling I have to stop myself from squealing whenever I start to think about it.

The designing process here is so different from when I was working with Richard. There I only had my limited knowledge of Photoshop and his already completed motifs to work from. Here I am able to edit and learn new things constantly, growing my Photoshop and designing skills more than I thought was possible.

Mirrored Fan Dance


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