Top of the World – Sacha Pierre

The creation of the second mood-board was as enjoyable as the first. I started my day by gathering images that worked with the theme and colour scheme of Sacha Pierre’s new collection. I then went onto using these image within the mood-board, combining them with paintings and Pantone colours, and lastly the Sacha Pierre logo, which instantly adds to the professional feel of the board.

While creating the board, I got a few suggestions from Fannie on bit I might consider changing, and once I had, I could see how these small changes can change the tone off the mood-board.

Mood Board Two

For the next two days I revelled at the feel of being a part of an actual running business. I was set tasks, was left to expressive my creativity via painting, and was able to help research magazines that could possible feature Sacha Pierre within.

One task I am glad of was the opportunity to change the inspiration wall inside Sacha Pierre; to take down all the old imagery and replace them with the mood-boards I had created, images that were relevant to the new collection, as well as paintings and drawings that had been competed, along with fabric manipulation samples that Fannie had created. I was here that I was really glad of having been given this task, for just by looking at these small samples of manipulated fabric, I was struck with even further ideas about my own SUBJECT collection.


I have been inspired by the creative process of Sacha Pierre, how they have an over lining theme, and then within this one theme, four separate bit equally important collections. I have chosen to do the same, I was finding it difficult to images how I would create so many design hat would relate to one another and still match up to my overall collection theme, when I realised that as long as they matched up to my overall theme, it didn’t matter if these designs were different to each other. And so the Mineral Spirit collection was reborn!


Within my theme I have chosen to have four different collection, something for everybody but all of the same design; Colour Spirit is a collection of matching napkins and table-runners; The napkin will feature a single design, while the table runner will carry a repeated pattern for the napkin. Edge Spirit is another collection of napkins and table runners inspired by Dendrites; these napkins with have one detailed edge, one hand printed and other digitally stitched, while the table runner with feature a mirrored version running down the centre. Formation Spirit is a collection of four napkins and coasters, inspired by Agate. The napkin design will be printed in four different colourways. And finally Ridge Spirit is a collection of table clothes that are based solely around fabric manipulation. But not just any manipulation, these chair coverings will emulate minerals.

These four collection, and my ideas for them, have already been influenced by my work placement. I feel as though a weight has been lifted now that I can clearly see what my collection is and how I will go about creating each one. I look forward to this following week and can only hope that it will be as inspiring as the last.


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