Mood is a Thing for Cattle – Sacha Pierre

As I said in my last post, I’ve come into Sacha Pierre at a really great time, as they are just starting their new collection. Having gathered books for inspiration and created drawings/paintings from these yesterday, today I was ready to move on to creating mood-boards from which we will be able to work from when it comes to design/pattern development.

Fannie and Issy are quite busy at the moment, creating packaging for their existing products so that they can go into sale; creating all the necessary labelling and editing of photos, working to quite a tight deadline. As such they have much less time to hand to really throw all their energy into creating their new collection. This gives me a chance to come to up to speed with their style and the style of the company, to learn how they design and to what specification they are designing as well as for what clientele.

I spend the morning painting while I was waiting for Photoshop to download to my laptop. I was able to take a good few hours out of my day to firstly start with a drawing that I was happy with, then was able to slowly progress into the painting stage. Taking my time with each colour and stage so as to not rush or ruin the process and I find that this is really working with me. Fannie and Issy are well acquainted with the long hours it takes to produce something of really good standard so I don’t feel any pressure to have my paintings completed quickly which is really liberating.

With images and drawings that Fannie had complicated together onto a hard drive for me, I already had the foundations to begin creating a mood-board. With the use of that handy website Pinterest, I was able to gather more images that I thought would really work with the images I had been supplied with. I added in paintings that were created by both Fannie and myself, along with using the correct Pantone colours for their collection.

It was while creating the first of my two mood-boards, the one I completed today, that I learn quite a few really integral tools/shortcuts and tricks that I feel will be unendingly helpful within my digital designing.

logo free

I learnt how to ‘touch up’ my scanned paintings so that they are of printable quality; shortcuts of how to change the levels, hue and saturation of my image, as well as how to warp the image itself. I was shown a shortcut of how to copy everything within one layer into another, and also how to copy all visible layers into a new separate layers, which is a much more useful tool than having to merge all the layers together, which then renders the mood-board, in this case, un-editable.

Fannie and Issy both parted with their insider knowledge of how to use Photoshop and gave their wisdom onto me so that I too will be able to create how they do.

This work placement is markedly different from my last. Whereas Richard was at liberty to take as much time as he wanted; when taking microscopic images of his minerals and through my creation of patterns, in Sacha Pierre there are deadlines that need to be kept and clients that have to be satisfied.

There is a constant reminder that the designs you are creating will eventually end up being sold to customers; which is really thrilling and only slightly near-racking!

While on this placement I will be able to learn the business side of the industry, which isn’t taught within an educational setting, which I think is an excellent thing to know.

Tomorrow I will be creating a second mood-board which will encompass the second half of Sacha Pierre’s Colour Scheme, which will then inform the rest of the work that myself and the team complete from the tomorrow onwards.


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