Brave New World – Sacha Pierre

Today was a brand new day, and the start of my four week placement with Sacha Pierre.

I’ve really been looking forward to going in and working with Sacha Pierre; I will be able to experience what it’s like to be within an established interior design company. I really like Sacha Pierre’s style. I usually don’t work with florals because I find them to be too overwhelming, but the previous design the company have crated are really fresh and minimal, mixed in with some bright, bold patterns, suing both print and digital embroidery. I feel that I will be able to learn so much from being here; I’ve already learned how they clean up their motif so that they are ready to print, and have seen how they edit their photographs so that they are ready to be used in their packaging or in their catalogue.

It will be really interesting to compare the difference from working within an established company to when I was working with Richard. At the moment they are similar with using Computer Aided Designs and Photoshop; yet they will both be completely different because of the subject that they are using within these programmes.


I started off the day with a short introduction to the previous designs created by the company. Their overall theme and colour scheme is the same, but within this there are four separate branches that they have been designing for. I was taken through what they considered to be their key designs and which were they’re co-ordinates, which was really interested. Already I’m learning new terms that are used within the design industry that I’ve never heard to use within my University setting so far.

I was also taken through the images from their photoshoot, which have been used in their catalogue and on their website. These images are also going to be used for their packaging, but need to be edited first, which I was able to watch. I was able to see the initial drawings that they and created for that collection and then see the final outcome; how the designs had been changed and how all of this can be done with ease using CAD.

All of this really helped me to see the signature designs which is associated with the Sacha Pierre name. I was able to start to get a feel of the kind of drawings and motif they create and how the use their colour scheme.

I’ve come to the company at a really good time as Sacha Pierre have just started their new collection. As with the last they will be working with one overall theme which has the same colour scheme as the last as these are the colours that they are using to create a signature for their company. Under this overall theme they will then have four different collections which I can be a part of.

Fannie and I gathered books from the library and started to look through to find images that can be used for this new collection. As I’ve come in at the beginning at this new collection I will be able to be in all the coming stages that we can get through within four weeks, the mood boards and initial drawings/painting through to learning how to use digital software to show how the design will appear on the actual finished product.

Today I spend the afternoon creating motifs from some of the books we had gathered. The style that Sacha Pierre use mainly for their motifs is painting, so I wanted to create my motif in the same style so that they would be compatible. I’m not usually one for painting but when looking at what they have been able to produce using this technique I was getting into a positive mood of trying it out. Why can’t I create a painting that is of the same standard as theirs? I can, and I’m going to try my best to keep myself focused.

I took a few hours of the afternoon to complete my paintings and I was feeling really optimistic about how they would turn out. I’m really thrilled with what I have been able to produce and didn’t realise that I could actually paint to this standard, it just shows what I’m capable of when I have the time and can keep myself positive about the technique I’m using. I will definitely be creating more opportunities for myself to do such concentrating painting.

Through the afternoon I was able to listen in the challenges of a business; the difficulty of having to rely on others, like photographers, to work to the best of their ability as you have been; to the issue of registering barcodes for your products, which was a wholly new concept for me to realise; to having to select the right images for your packaging, all of which has been really interesting. There’s a lot more to a business that just the fun of creating designs.

I’m looking forward to learning more about the in’s and out’s of working within an interior business and being able to have a role within the designing of the new collection.




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