Colour Theory

Yellow is the colour that is most associated with happiness, joy, and energy. When used in small amounts, yellow can arouse enthusiasm, optimism and stimulate creativity. Yellow is one of the colours that I have chosen for my collection. It evokes happiness, which when mixed with the safety of green and stability of blue, equates a perfect atmosphere of colour. This vibrant colour uplifts with a hint of freshness.

Green is the most restful colour for the human eye. It stirs up feelings of nature and growth which is perfect when representing minerals. I have chosen green because of these connotations, and the way it harmonises excellently with yellows and blues.  Again we see the feeling of freshness being brought in, along with safety and harmony.

Blue is perhaps the cleanliest colour, speaking of purification and hygiene. This sits well alongside happiness and safety. With these three as the main focal colours within my collection, a great atmosphere for dining is evoked, helped along with the additional colour of black and white.

White is also associated with purity and cleanliness. When dining, cleanliness is essential, and if white helps to promote this feeling, it’s the prefect accompaniment at any dinner table. Hints of lightness and relaxation are also evident within this colour.

Black is a very formal and elegant colour, denoting power and prestige. When keeping in mind the company I am working towards, black is the perfect additional colour to give subtle hints of the high-end market, of luxury and opulence. As the darkest colour it has the power to make others stand out.

Colour theory available at: accessed on 06.01.2016



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