Print & Pattern

Or more accurately, pattern and print.

Today I planned to carry on with trying out different specialist designer techniques, and see if could reduce the size of my ‘to do’ list.

I started with the shading effect, perhaps one of the best techniques for showing off colour. I am able to display the variety and versatility of a single colour. I used watercolour paints because when I thought about how I would be able to blend the layers of the colour, building it up, it would be much more effective in watercolour. The nature of watercolour lends itself to minerals. The patterns that are created when the paint dries have a marked similarity to Dendrites. I feel that these small occurrences change the painting from a flat image, into an interesting and beautiful mineral painting.


From here I got swept up, I moved on from specialist designer techniques and started to create a digital repeating pattern from my watercolour painting. Using a technique I learnt while on my work placement, I utilised the stamp tool in Photoshop I was able to blur the harsh lines of the square images I had created, which would then result in a smoothly repeating pattern with no edge marks.

Having looked over the deliverable for part two, I can safely say that I have now created one repeating pattern that has been created with computer aided designer software. This was when I started to experiment with different colour ways, but short of painting the mineral again, I was only about to achieve a green version of the pattern itself.

My plan for these designs is to have them digitally printed onto fabric, and then hopefully hand printed embellishment, which I was able to practice at home. I printed my designs onto normal printer paper, and was able to cut out a stencil, highlighting just small parts of the overall pattern, which I then printed on top of my patterns, using foil adhesive.


I love the results that have been produced. The silver foil works really well with the blue and greens of these patterns and manage to bring the design to life. I’m overly thrilled with the production of today. From an outlook this morning of ‘just get it done’ because of my lack of love for painting, to having created a fulling repeating digital pattern. It’s been a good day.



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