Mineral Design Experiment

I’ve been stuck. I don’t know how I going to go about making my designs. I’ve thought about using Photoshop to isolate different colour layers within a mineral image, and then using these different layers as layers in a print. I’ve experimented with how to repeat these patterns, but short of ending up with a mirrored pattern, I haven’t thought of another way to make them repeat. I’m not against mirrored patterns, in fact I quite like them, but once you start mirroring a mineral, it loses some of its natural essence.

I needed some-way in which I could see these designs, in front of me, and then hopefully I would know what path I should be taking.


Using my new handy screen and supplies, I chose a mineral image that I thought would work well as a screen print, and cut out 3 stencils so that I would be able to see the layering effect that I’m after. I chose colours that matched my theme and collection, and set about creating a sample. I wanted my design to be simple, but still combining the delicate small patterns within the mineral itself, though these small details are virtually impossible to create using a hand cut stencil, as my knife skills are only acceptable.

I think that smaller detail would be achievable when using the screen machine in university, where it’s much easier to get more detail onto a screen. I think that over this next month, I will have to work over Photoshop to separate and create layers for each of the designs I need to create. I also think that after having separated these layers, I could combine them into a new document, and have them digitally printed, choosing selected pieces to then hand print over the top.



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