Minerals About Town

With my collection being majorly influenced my nature, specifically minerals, I decided that I wanted to know if anyone else, excluding Richard Weston, has been sing these goldmines as a source of inspiration.

Minerals generally get displayed as they come; their intricate formations make for lovely statues and focal points, as seen in the pictures above. I love how these minerals have been displayed on floating shelves, and have been chosen with care to match the interior, but this isn’t really what I was looking for. The second images touches close to what I’m interested in, using the minerals within interiors. I think these lightshades look sleek and elegant, and have made a beautiful way of displaying these minerals at their best.

The third image is what I found the most interesting; using the formation and pattern of an agate to create wallpaper. This collides with the ideas I’ve been having about my own collection, taking microscopic images of what lays inside these minerals, as using them within designs. Short of just stealing the natural patterns found within minerals, I have been thinking of ways in which I can make these designs completely my own, and also representative of everything the ‘company’ I’m design for, portrays.


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