Reflective Statment – Richard Weston

Richard Weston Field Presentation

Over the past four weeks I have been working with Richard Weston, an architect, who has recently been working with minerals. I came across Richard because of his work with Liberty London. His designs were based around highly magnified images of minerals.

At the start of the four weeks I was told about three current projects that Richard was working on that I would be able to help with; creating patterns from Mica images, patterns from mineralised drawings of cats and dogs, and helping with an app that he was currently creating that was aimed at children.

At the beginning of this placement I was quite nervous as I didn’t know what to expect; I was also aware of my lacking Photoshop skills and how different my tastes were from Richard’s. I was very self-conscious and found it quite challenging to sit back and try and think of these designs I was creating in the way that Richard was. There were days when I was really unhappy with what I was creating and found it really challenging to find inspiration and relevant, but I didn’t let this stop me from creating what was asked of me. I came back day after day, ready to embrace the challenge before me.

As the weeks progressed I was able to work more freely and loosen up in myself. I gained more confidence in myself as a designer and in the work that I was creating because I knew that it was matching up to my client’s ideas. My skills with Photoshop have grown, as has my ability to converse with people better. I tend to feel quite uncomfortable in new places, with new people and I think I tackled this very well over the last few weeks. I’ve had to voice my ideas and opinions, which is quite a nerve-racking thing, as these creation, while made from design others have crafted, became personal to me, and were then put up for scrutiny; as such that has made me grow in confidence.

I have enjoyed developing and creating designs, I’ve found it very rewarding to see a finished design come to life. I was thoroughly pleased when Richard had my patterns printed out, and it was then when I felt truly like a designer.

This was further realised when Richard asked if I would be interested in designing patterns that could be used as part of his app and also in stationary he is working on, for which I would be paid.

I’ve realised that I am extremely influenced and inspired by nature and natural forms. I worry that because the inspiration for a lot of my work comes from nature, that my design will seem repetitive. Working with these minerals however, makes me realise that there are so many different areas of nature that I could create hundreds of designs based on nature and not one could be the same.

Within my subject I have been looking at future trend within 2017 in aid of the collection I am creating. Within my chosen trend I had briefly touched upon minerals before starting my work placement, since I have developed the direction of my collection so that it features more prominently the minerals that I have been looking at. My work has markedly been influenced by my time with Richard Weston, I’m extremely grateful because he has made me love the collection I’m creating.



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