Times Flies … Richard Weston

I cannot believe that there is only one week left of my work placement, the time has flown by. Earlier in the week Richard had the Mineralised Animal and Mica gift wrap patterns printed. Oh but, oh boy! was that exciting. There they were, right in front of me, my designs printed onto paper, looking great. It’s safe to say that it still makes me excited, even though tis been three days.

Richard though that the animals on the Mineralised animal gift wrap were too big, this is where I come in. after sorting through some more mineral images that could go into the app for inverting, I set about making the animals smaller. I created two more sizes; one that was only slightly smaller which would be the medium sized print, and then one that was half as small as the original, the small print. I was with how these patterns looked on the computer, but then you don’t really know until they’ve been printed.

Richard has been working with a boy called Sam; only eight years old and probably better at Photoshop than I am, Sam has been creating dragons. Much like the cats and dogs that Richard asked me to put into patterns, he wants to do the same with Sam’s dragons. Which is the task I shall be tackling next week! I’m looking forward.

In terms of the three weeks, I feel as If the first two have been more productive, I was creating many different designs but I suppose having completed all the patterns he wanted me to create, this week was going to be much more focused on making sure the app worked. I feel like I have been quite helpful in making sure the app is running smoothly, which is quite a nice thought. I’m happy to have had this experience of putting my thoughts and opinions across, and being able to assist in the creation of something that could potentially be spread worldwide.


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