How Field Inspired Subject

During my field term I looked into loads of designers, completed masses of research, and pushed myself to try and further my ideas; the only problem? I wasn’t happy with the direction my collection was going in. It wasn’t until almost the end of the first term that I realised that I really wasn’t happy with the designs I was creating, or the influences working from. However I put this from my mind and started to focus on my field project.

As you may have read I’ve been working with Richard Weston for the past three weeks, an architect that has been studying minerals for quite a few years now. With a successful collection of mineral scarfs at Liberty London, Richard moved on to working with children. He’s creating an app that lets children draw, and then paint with mineral colours and patterns. You can also take photos, and then fill them with a mineral. Anyway, when working with minerals you realise that there is no way in which you can change these stunning works of nature to make them better; so changing them I won’t do.

While at my placement, Richard received a delivery of a book he had ordered about the French sculptures Claude and Francois-Xavier Lalanne. It was while looking through this book an idea hit me. If I don’t like the work that I had been creating in the first term, why not change it?


This cutlery set is what sparked my inspiration. The natural influences that can so clearly be seen in these metal works of arts are gorgeous. As soon as I saw these I fell in love, and was striving for an idea on how I could incorporate these into my collection. Yet the more I thought about it, I started to think, how I could make a collection that could compliment these pieces, which is how I arrived at table linen.

Influenced by minerals, what would complement this set more completely than table linen that is equally inspired by natural forms? As I said you can’t change minerals because they are so perfect in and of themselves that there is no need, but what I can do is take inspiration from them. When looking at a mineral service or insides, there are layers and layers of different colours and materials that form very abstract images, I’m thinking that I could take this influence into printing. Building up layer after layer of colour to create beautiful abstract table linen.



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