All Speed Ahead!


Being inspired is great; it’s all you can think about, so many new doors open, ideas come flooding in, as does the need to do something! It never takes me long after I’ve been inspired to throw myself into a new creation, and this time isn’t any different. Plucked out of the many ideas fighting to be completed first, I decided that I wanted to test out a mineral print. I really like the idea of using minerals as abstract imagery, so I wanted to take each layer within the mineral and print them separately, layering them up until I’ve created a really beautiful abstract print. I think this is the direction in which I am going to take my collection.

Not having a screen or printing facility nearby, I decided to use lino. Lino prints are known for their simplistic style and layers, which is perfect for what I was experimenting with. I already had a picture of the mineral I was going to mimic, so all that was left to do was gather supplies and start! I printed onto paper purely because at this moment I didn’t want to be bogged down trying to find the right fabric to complement, I just wanted to experiment, which I did; with different colours, different paint and with the addition foil and glitter I added.

A new collection deserves a new set of boards; inspiration, colour palette, client profile and competitors. I feel really good about this new direction. Whereas last term I was trying to cram too many different aspects into one collection, I feel that with the new narrower direction I can really concentrate on the quality of what I’m creating, without worrying how I’m going to manage it.



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