Mid Placement Review – Richard Weston

Monday, Tuesday, Happy Days, Thursday, Friday, Happy Days … It’s that time again, another start of another week and another day of tasks to complete.20151120_094040407_iOS

Over the weekend I took some photos around town, gathered some old images, and sorted through them to find ones that I thought would work well with the app. Armed and ready, I made my way into the wilderness once again, looking forward to experimenting with the inverted mineral paints within the app. I really like that I’m being included in these initial phases of the app development process. Being included in these processes really makes me feel that my knowledge is invaluable. It’s really great experience being involved in the inception of this app; I’ve been able to learn about the different processes involved in refining the different aspects, I’ve had input in what minerals are going to be used within the app, and have been able to discuss aspects that need changing or altering.

After a quick round of playing with the app, it was time to start working on the Mica patterns again. With these designs I am again working to the specifications of my client. I feel as if I am gaining really valuable knowledge on how to interact with said ‘client’, how to express my ideas while still making accommodations for theirs. With Richard I am given the freedom to create designs that, while admittedly are limited in there scope, have an essence of myself in them. I’m really happy with how my work placement is unfolding so far.


Today I was pleased to have been included within the app building process once again. Richard asked me to go through all the minerals that have been saved onto the MAC and choose which would work best when inverted, so as to be used within the app.


I’m really impressed with how I have been able to extent my Photoshop skills so far within this placement. From having completed a digital project last year, I have had little to do with Photoshop since and as such had to start as a beginner again. I have been able to create pattern tiles that can be applied to all sized Photoshop documents; learnt how to fill certain colours in patterns with a completely different image; and with the help of YouTube and digital designs books, I have been able to create repeating patterns from single images, without jarring lines between each one. I still think I have more learning to do to be able to work with Photoshop to be able to keep up with what Richard creates.

What I find most difficult is when I’m asked to complete a task which I don’t know, or can’t remember how to do; I feel that I should know these things and that it’s showing my inexperience to have to ask Richard how I preform these tasks. This just shows how much more I need to learn, and shows how much I can gain while on this work placement. I’m also aware of where I am lacking in ability, Today Richard asked if I’m any good at hand drawings, because he was toying with the idea that I could design some images for the app, I was quite disappointed to admit that I don’t have good drawing skills and that my skills lie elsewhere. I was able to express my abilities with typography, and while this is different from his original idea, Richard seem quite interested in using this skill for his app.

What I’m really excited about is having my design printed. I do have small worries about what the designs will look like once they have actually been printed, but overall I’m more excited than worried.


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