Digital Arts and Crafts – Richard Weston


End of week two, and jeeze Louise hasn’t time flown?!

Far from making patterns with minerals today, I was working with the app. Trying out different images and drawings to see what worked with the app and what might need changing.

The app has two different modes, the first is that drawings can be uploaded, or chosen from the drawings supplied by the app, and coloured in using mineral paints; the second is that you can take a photo, change the threshold so that its completely black and white, and then add in a mineral. The mineral is inverted on the second colour (these can be flipped) and creates an interestingly complimentary image.



I was able to take loads of photos, experiment with which type worked best, silhouettes work really well, as do patterns and strangely enough Picasso drawings. Complete pictures or images have to be used, otherwise the colour will bleed into the background, which effectively takes you into the drawing mode, where you can no longer have inverted mineral pictures.

I quite liked working with the app today; it was interesting to see what potentials it held. Further from this I have been asked to go through the different minerals on Richard computer, and see which would be suitable as mineral paints and for inverting. I’m looking forwards to having an active role in working with the production of this app.


Overall this week has been quite a change; from the difficulties I faced at the beginning in the week, not feeling confident enough to be able to succeed the tasks given me; through to being inspired by one project into considering a new one. I’m really happy with the way I handled the challenges of this week, facing them directly and freeing myself up to being inspired.

Next week I look forward to creating repeating patterns from Mica clusters and linear Agate images. I believe that next week I will also have the change to visit the student from St Cyres Art, Design and Technology department and see how minerals have inspired the work they are creating.


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