Carry On … Minerals -Richard Weston


Today was a much better day on my design/work experience path! I’m convinced that it was down to the extra hour in bed this morning. Any who, as I was saying, today was a much better day. What I found really challenging yesterday I was able to let roll off my back; I wasn’t daunted by the idea that I wouldn’t be able to find animal shaped Mica clusters, I didn’t even let the thought enter my mind. While scrolling through the endless depth of the one particular Mica that Richard wanted me to use, I found quite a few shapes that I arranged into a tightly packed design.

Once this top layer of my overall pattern was completed, I started to think about a background, but I couldn’t find a single colour which complimented the minerals in front of me. This was when I started to look at microscopic images of different minerals. Before I would be able to find one specific mineral for the background I selected many and set each as backgrounds that I can keep coming back to until I find the right one.


While creating one of the backgrounds, Richard and I edited a small cropped section of a Mica image, layered it and inverted the colours, and came up with a beautiful image that needs no added layers. I expressed an idea that this edited mineral would be another really interesting collection, which Richard agreed with emphatically. I plan to experiment with different minerals, namely Agate because of its linear formation. With the help of a pattern design book which I forget the name of, I was able to create an endlessly repeating pattern from the Mica tile, which I will now use again and again while created other repeating mineral patterns.20151118_135541818_iOS

While I was looking through the different mineral images that Richard has taken, I was able to finish one of the design that I started yesterday, which I showed to Richard. I created this pattern with the 1951 Festival of Briton patterns in mind, though I didn’t think that it was exactly what Richard was looking for. I was pleasantly surprised when Richard declared that he like my design, expressing that it was elegant and subdued compared to the bright bold colours we had been working with in the previous Mica pattern.

The more I work with these minerals the more I can connect with them on an inspirational level. Last week I was having difficulty with connecting to designs that I hadn’t created, so I didn’t feel as if I was designing to the best of my ability. Today I feel like I was more involved with the design process and so I was able to put more of my taste into each pattern. I still don’t have the freedom to create whatever I want, but that’s one of the drawbacks of working with a client. That being said, that could also be a plus; not having the whole world of design open to you can help you to really focus and refine on the designs you’re creating.



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