Mica Minerals – Richard Weston

Today was much more difficult than yesterday.

Having completed three designs for the ‘by children, for children’ collection, it was time to start making Mica patterns. This is where things got difficult. Richard showed me four of his favourite Mica images and asked me to make some patterns from them. Not just any patterns, but patterns that are in the style of those created during the 1951 Festival of Briton. Having never heard of this festival I started by looking these up; the designs are a collection of sciences meets art in a very old fashioned design setting. With this in mind I selected a few of the Mica images that I liked and started to create designs; started being the operative word.

I started quite a few design but I couldn’t seem finish them. I’ve saved them away, in case inspiration strikes and I can work on them some more, but I really seem to have a mental block on this morning. One thing I found really difficult was connecting with the Mica, in particular the Mica that Richard wanted me to use. The colours within these Mica were gold, florescent yellow and a luminous red; colours I really don’t like, so finding pieces within these minerals to cut and take into a pattern was a real challenge.


Firstly I chose little sections from different Mica images that looked like red and orange leaves and started to make a tile on Photoshop, which could be used as a repeat pattern. When I showed this to Richard he couldn’t find a link between this pattern and the patterns from the Festival of Briton, so it was back to the drawing board. I decided to take inspiration from the top right festival pattern, using circular pieces of the Mica mineral to create a revolving design. I thought that this was much more in line with the festival designs, yet it still wasn’t matching up to Richard’s ideas, this is where I found my day becoming much more difficult, my mental block was frustrating and I was finding it really impossible to try and picture how these design would look through Richards eyes.


In the end Richard found a single Mica image and asked me to find interesting shapes, shapes that portrayed animals, and create a pattern that was similar to those I created with the mineralised children’s drawings. I manged to find a few interesting collections within the Mica image which I translated onto a Photoshop tile. As yet I’m still working on this tile and will be tomorrow as well. Further from this Richard has asked me to create four of these designs, to match up to the four that he has of the mineralised children’s patterns. At this time I’m finding the idea quite daunting because of the difficulty I’m having creating just one.


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