Pattern Development – Richard Weston

Another day, another week.

Further from last week where I had started to create patterns for a potential John Lewis Collection, I showed my designs to my client a.k.a. Richard Weston.

Having had to learn how to use Photoshop again in such a short time, I was pleased with the patterns that I had created. I kept to the guidelines given to me by Richard; repeating patterns that didn’t look like rigid repeats which featured both mineral cats and dogs. To me, these designs encapsulated what was asked of me, to Richard however, they were not quite what he had envisioned.  I won’t lie, this threw me a little bit. It hadn’t occurred to me that my ideas made digital, did not match up to Richards ideas.


Looking back, I’m really glad that I had this bump in my design road. This experience gives me a much more realistic view on what it will be like to work for clients with specific demands. My ideas will not always line up with my clients, in which case I will have to go back to the drawing board, and try to be more in tuned to what the clients wants.20151116_112354855_iOS

This is exactly what I did today. After a quick exchange, where Richard explained to me his vision for these designs, I set back to the drawing board with a clean canvas. Once I had created one design, I came back to him to see if my design lined up with his vision, it did. I was really happy with this outcome and as such moved on to create two more designs which correspond with the first.

After a phone call with the man who prints Richards Mineral images, I was told that the ‘Printman’ had taken delivery of a special paper that was to be used for giftwrap. I was then to find out, from Richard, that he will be taking my three patterns, along with one he already had, and was going to print them onto the paper, as a sample of giftwrap for the John Lewis collection.20151116_140534468_iOS


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