Presentation and Pattern Designing – Richard Weston

Almost every day this week has been different. I don’t know what I expected of my first week but I didn’t imagine this. As I said in my last post, on Monday I met the ‘Appman’; it was really emboldening to have my ideas and suggestions listening to, considering that this app is potentially going to be used worldwide. It’s very different to be in a working environment, even working with a lone artist, than in a university. Every idea and though has to be considered in relation to real life production. The pattern design work that Richard wants my help with is a collection which he is planning to show to the buyers at John Lewis; with this in mind I have to create what Richard is visualising for his collection.  I am constantly reminding myself of this, and then wondering if what I have created is good enough.


After another journey into the wilderness, which I shall have to traverse every day of this placement, it was time to face a new day in the workplace. Tuesday was an interesting day; I acted as Richards’s assistant throughout his double lecture at St Cyres High School. He spoke to the sixth form students of the art, design and technology department, about his work within the mineral field.20151110_134210898_iOS It was quite a change from anything I’m used to, assisting someone with their work; creating slides for presentations, selecting pieces of work to show as examples, it’s very different from doing these things for yourself. When it’s your work, you know everything about it there is to know, it’s easy to decide what to use or select, the case is much more difficult when it’s someone else’s work. My taste is probably very different from Richards, therefore I have to change the way in which I see these samples, to accommodate.

What I think will be really interesting, is that in two weeks, we will be going back to the school to see how the students have been inspired with their designs.

20151110_133551192_iOSWednesday and Thursday were both days I spend creating patterns. To start with, I’m creating patterns using drawings by children that have been filled with ‘mineral paints’ or the colours and patterns from mineral images. I found it quite strange to begin with, creating patterns from designs that I hadn’t created myself. Because the work is not mine to begin with I don’t have the same inspiration flow; I couldn’t visualise what I wanted these patterns to look like before I even start, I don’t know what colour combinations to use, or what layouts, every aspect.

It seems that my not keeping up Photoshop and Illustrator over summer had comeback to bite me in the petunia. On Tuesday I had to try and get back into the swing of using Photoshop (with the help of YouTube) before I could start creating simple patterns. Once I got a few preliminary patterns out of the way, I started to feel bolder and more creative, giving way to creating more complicated patterns which I think are quite successful.

20151112_135205895_iOSI’ve found this week to more difficult than I expected, I didn’t realise, or even think on how different it would be to create work or collaborate on something that isn’t yours to being with. I struggled with using Photoshop on Tuesday and Wednesday; having not used it in so long really affected my design ability, which really threw me. I think I need to keep up with practicing my digital design skills so that I can keep up with the work given to me by such a digitally influenced person as Richard.



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